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Scrubs Color Psychology | 2016-09-23
It is already past the time all the nurses wearing the same color in all healthcare facilities. Today, hospitals and clinics are more flexible in choosing the color for nurses’ uniforms because they know the importance of color to their brand image. Color is expressive and emotional; every color evokes a differen.... Read / Comment

Pick Lab Coat | 2016-09-23
Doctors started using the lab coat between 100 and 200 years ago in order to protect their skin and clothing from hazardous chemicals.  Since then, the lab coat has been an essential piece of clothing choice in daily use for all the professionals working in medicine and the life sciences. Now Lab / Doctor / Profes.... Read / Comment

Personalize Apparel | 2016-09-23
Today, the healthcare organizations including hospitals, labs, spa and clinics have spent extra focus on the customization marketing to brand themselves and create positive impressions among the public, customers and employees. One of the most effective strategies of customization marketing is creating customizing the cloth.... Read / Comment

Make Custommade Abaya | 2016-09-23
Abaya custom made to order to suit your need and style. We host many different styles and designs but if you want something different and unique then contact our sales team who will be able to go through the whole steps. If you have a sample which you would like us to make or duplicate to your needs, then email those d.... Read / Comment

Look Lovely In Scrub | 2016-09-23
There is nothing wrong but everything great to look pretty, lovely and stylish in your nursing scrub. Looking good in your nursing scrub during your long scrubs has a lot of benefits for you. The compliments will lift up your mood. And even feeling that you look lovely in that scrub also makes you feel much more confiden.... Read / Comment

Keep Scrubs In Good Conditions | 2016-09-23
Here, we back to continue with another posts for the new nurses out there! I have received many questions for advices and tips from the new nurses. One of the top questions is about how to keep the nursing scrubs in good conditions. For the nurses, the scrubs are like their daily best friends. The scrub is much more th.... Read / Comment

Healthcare Specialized Fabric | 2016-09-23
The type of fabric is the most essential thing to the healthcare apparel industry; it has strived to bring the most advanced technologies in producing the high tech, specialized fabrics for different needs in the healthcare industry.  Stain Release Fabric  What is it?  This widely used fabric is .... Read / Comment

Check Your Best Fit | 2016-09-23
Where are these fitting lines located? Bust Line; the bust line position is a line that is level with the floor and crosses over the bust points.  The bust point indicates the fullest part of the bust which is what needs to be addressed for a good fit. The bust position can be different on everyone.  Yo.... Read / Comment

Check Scrub Size | 2016-09-23
Ankle; circumference of ankle. Arm length; from the end of your shoulder to your wrist bone with arm slightly bent (loose). Around armpit; circumference of armpit. Bicep; circumference at bicep level. Chest / Bust; circumference of the widest area (fullest part) of your bust. Measure across chest / breast and aro.... Read / Comment

Check General Size Chart | 2016-09-23
How to measure yourself? Sleeve Length; measure from the tip of your shoulder sown to the wrist bone. Bust; place the tape measure under the arms and around the fullest part of your bust with arms raised slightly. Low Waists; measure approximately 2” below the natural waistline or 2 fingers below the naval.&.... Read / Comment

Choose Nursing Footwear | 2016-09-23
You may think that there is nothing serious about the nursing shoes if it is compared to other apparels like your coat, or uniform. Because it is just the shoes …? In fact, the shoes are seriously important to the daily work performance and health of the nurses. Nursing is a hard, physical demanding job that aff.... Read / Comment

Pick Patient Gown | 2016-09-23
Although the surgeon / patient gown and other apron may be considered the additional gears for healthcare professionals, the way you choose and use these apparels is extremely important to the safety and professional performance in healthcare environments. Aprons and Gowns - Functions  The aprons or gowns .... Read / Comment

Pick Quality Towel | 2016-09-23
Whether for drying off or decorating, a good quality towel is an essential to every household. A good quality towel will look, last and perform better for different purposes. There are a number of indicators determining whether a towel is good quality. Fabric The type of material used for the towel is one of the m.... Read / Comment

Check Towel Quality | 2016-09-23
Fibers Egyptian cotton tends to produce the longest threads and is the most soft and absorbent type of cotton. Supima, which is grown in the United States, lasts longer than Egyptian but tends to produce shorter threads, so it won’t feel as lush. Standard cotton is considered to be the lowest quality cotton,.... Read / Comment

Check GSM | 2016-09-23
The GSM of fabric is one kind of specification of fabric which is very important for a textile engineer for understanding and production of fabric.  ‘GSM’ means ‘Gram per Square Meter’ that is the weight of fabric in gram per one square meter.  By this we can compare the fabrics in unit .... Read / Comment

CHECK BED SIZE | 2016-09-23
Bed size refers to the dimensions of a mattress and the names by which standard sizes are called. Beds themselves vary widely in size according to the size of the frame and degree of ornamentation but are sold according to the size of mattress they take. The dimensions and names vary considerably around the world, wi.... Read / Comment

Pick Male Nurse Gift | 2016-09-23
Who says that nursing is only for women? Gender Equality! Today, more and more women are doctors, and more men are nurses. A recent study has revealed that the number of registered male nurses has tripled since 1970, and it is predicted that the trend is likely to continue. For male nurses, there is a number of top healt.... Read / Comment

Balance Work Life | 2016-09-23
Make a conscious, realistic declaration of where your priorities lie. Set clear boundaries between the times you spent at work and the time you devote to your home life. Then stick to these boundaries. Simplify your life and avoid the trap of taking on too many tasks and responsibilities. Schedule some time for you.... Read / Comment

Reuseable Apparel | 2016-09-23
It’s the Responsible Choice, because the Future is NOT Disposable!   Reusable apparel can reduce medical waste as much as 80% and reduce costs as much as 25% to 50%.   Today, it is crucial to find clear-cut solutions regarding the sustainability issues in the healthcare industry. Sustainability is de.... Read / Comment

Check Gloves Size | 2016-09-23
Measure the Width of Your Hand: Wrap a tailor's measuring tape around your dominant hand just below knuckles, excluding your thumb, and make a fist.  This measurement is your "hand width". “OR” Measure the circumference of your dominant hand just below your knuckles.  Measure the L.... Read / Comment

Pick Stethoscope | 2016-09-23
TYPES OF STETHOSCOPES The origin of stethoscope came back to the year of 1816 when Paris doctor, Rene Laennac, invented an “ear tube” to help him check the heart rate of female patients without putting his head to their chests. Since that day, the stethoscope has been developed and advanced to become an es.... Read / Comment

Pick Surgical Gown | 2016-09-23
PICK SURGICAL GOWN Beck and Colette found in 1952 that non-impermeable cotton will not prevent bacterial migration when the gown gets wet.  It has also been established that the front and sleeves are more likely to get wet.  These areas are thus reinforced to make them impermeable.  Different surgical.... Read / Comment

Pick Gloves | 2016-09-23
FACTS Choosing the material of gloves to have protection and dexterity for each task in healthcare environments is not always straightforward. Here are some findings that compare the performance of gloves made of latex (long considered gold standard), vinyl, nitrile and other materials available in the market. Barri.... Read / Comment

First Aid Pocket Guide | 2016-09-23
KEY TERMS First Aid; the immediate treatment or care given to a person who is suffering from an injury or a serious illness until more advanced care is provided. First Aid Kit; the container that contains all the necessary medicine and equipment to provide first aid for person who has injury or illness. First Aide.... Read / Comment

Fabric Absorbency Characteristics | 2016-09-23
WHY FABRIC ABSORBENCY?  In healthcare environments, the cleaning and  disinfection of surfaces is strictly required on a regular basis. For towels, wipe cloths or disposable papers, the fabric is essential to the quality and performance in various tasks. In the healthcare market, there are numerous brands cl.... Read / Comment